Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Oracle...

The King came to the Oracle, his guards waiting outside her chamber door. He had never been here, and he shifted uncomfortably. An old woman came forward, her hand outstretched, and he dropped a bag full of coins in her weathered old hand.

"Are you The Oracle?"  he asked her, looking at her beggars clothes and bent body. She snorted, shaking her head, but pocketing the coins at her belt.

"Follow me. " she said, walking slowly towards a large arched entryway draped in heavy silks.
The smell of incence wafted in the air, mixed with .. was that honeysuckle? The King couldn't place the scent. It was light, lingered on the air, still and sweet. He shook his head.. "witch's glamour" he grumbled and glared at the old woman.

She stopped and pulled back the silken curtains, revealing an open, high ceiling chamber, cushions placed here and there through the room. Two chairs by a fireplace framed a small table with fruits.   Large rugs covered some of the stone floor. A soft, hazy light shone through the windows. That scent that mesmerized him was stronger now, drifting around him.  He glanced around, turning..
"What do I.... " he started to speak, but realized that he was alone now. The old hag was nowhere to be seen. He grumbled.

"Why have you come?"

The voice drifted across the stillness, a light, soft, voice, so gentle he almost thought he imagined it.
He stood, glancing from side to side, looking for the source. In the far corner of the chamber he thought he saw something move in the shadows, and he instinctively reached for his knife at his belt, the only weapon he had carried in.  He knew he was being watched, but.. saw no one. The shadow in the corner seemed to move and he felt beads of sweat form at his forehead. Someone was here..

"Show yourself!" He shouted as he watched the shadows.  Something moved, a growl. The King spun around. He watched as a large, grey wolf, materialized from the shadows, walking near the wall, his head turned, feral eyes watching, stalking him.

"Why have you come?" the voice once more asked, and the King turned, hearing it more clearly now.

What he saw made him forget the wolf. Standing before him was one the most stunning women he had ever seen.  She looked like a Goddess, her skin a fair golden hue, sun kissed, flowing wheat colored hair cascading in waves down her shoulders and back, every curve a enticement, showcased in what seemed to be a delicate chain-metal garment, so finely made he swore it was Elvenmade. She was bathed in a white soft light, glinting off stands of her hair.

"by the Goddess.." he muttered, staring at her ripe breasts, nipples peeking through the delicate metal framing them. His eyes traveled downward, to the meeting of her thighs, and he swallowed hard. Was she even real? he thought to himself, as his eyes came back up to her face. The curve of her cheekbones was as if carved by a master sculptor, her full lips were the color of roses covered in dew.

"I.. I... " he stuttered,  his eyes working their way to hers. They were a bright blue,  and he swore they glowed.  "I have been seeking a fair  and worthy companion and have not found her.. I need to know if I will.. and how.. " he finished, his voice lowering. He was a King, and admitting that he had failed at something did not come naturally. He had always won his prize, anything he wanted he got. But not what he wanted the most.

She tilted her head slightly, her hand moved almost imperceptibly, the most subtle of motions, and he saw the wolf trot over to her, his large paws silent on the stone floor. Out of the shadows the king realized how large the creature was, watching as the animal stood by the girl and his muzzle came to her hand. She smiled, fingers sliding up the creatures face and back to the fur around his neck, her hand entwined in the fur.

The girl now took a step, and the wolf matched her, leading her. As she came closer the King realized... she was blind. Those amazing magical eyes.. could not see .. or.. could they?

She stopped a few steps from him, the wolf by her side.

"What you seek you cannot find with your eyes, dear King.. but with your heart" she said, her voice a honeyed sweetness. "You seek love yet you only see the outside, not the whole... " girl continued, and with every word he felt as if the air became lighter, a little sweeter. He inhaled, and his hand reached out to her.

The growl was a warning. Deep, feral.. a threat of death covered in fur and fangs. The wolf's eyes fixed on the King, and he dropped his hand, stepping back. In his head, a deep, dark voice echoed..
"You do not want to die today.. " And the king gasped, taking another step back.

The girls lips turned up slightly, and she ran her fingers through the wolf's fur... then turned her sightless eyes to the King.

The air stilled.
Time seemed to stop. 

Her blind eyes glowed, a fire within that burned through the breath of the Gods.  She spoke then, and her voice surrounded him...

 "Most people in your life
were only meant
for for dreams, 
and summer laughter. 

They stay til the wind changes, 
the tides turn, 
or disappear
with the first snow. 

She stopped, her face turned slightly to her wolf, and she continued... 
And then there are some, 
that were forged 
to weather blizzards
and pain with you. 

They were cast in iron
and set in gold
and never ever leave you
to face anything alone. 

Turning her head back to the king, she finished with these words.. 

Know who those people are. 
And love them the way they deserve. 
Not everyone in your life is temporary. 
A few are as permanent as love is old."

The King blinked.  Time resumed. The air moved again. The lights glinted and he caught his breath.  
Suddenly, she was gone. 

"Go find your permanent, my King. Remember that your heart sees what your eyes cannot.. " came her voice, slowly fading away, and the King watched as the wolf disappeared back into the shadows.

 (please note that the quote used in this story is not my own, it is by Nikkita Gill)

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