Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dorm life..

Ah, college life..the messy dorm rooms, the cold pizza and leftover beers and all the unfinished papers yet to be written. College life changes for each generation, but one thing that has stayed the same has been those awesome loft/bunk beds that so many colleges have. I personally loved them!

Loved being able to be up high, above it all, so to speak. And, under it to create a little tucked away space to curl up and read, study or eat pizza :) I'd invite my best friend over for a late night study session and some sweets... life was good.

The loft-style bed from Salacity and the chair and table set from Ella were perfect for this whimsical reminesence of my college days. The cair is PG, while the bed is definitely adult! You can find this bed at The XXX Event until August 2nd, and the chair and table are at The Underdog Event.               .

See below for a full list of items used.

bed - Salacity, Dorm Bed, exclusive for the
 XXX event, July 12-August 2

chair - Ella, Sotto Chair and Filson table

pizza and pop -  Peaches 'N Cream - CESP -Pizza & Soda, Gacha

scattered shirt and books - Wednesday[+] Strange Life Gacha

notebook - IONIC, notes from college gacha
sweet treats - Reign - sleepover essentials, past gacha

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