Monday, October 8, 2018

the eyes have it..

Halloween is coming and its time to get a little on the wild side..this set of Feral Eyes is perfect for all types of RP, or just to wear al the time if you want! These were made specfically for Vista Bento Mesh heads. I will have an Omega set out in the next week too!

I own the Vista Zoe head and have been loving the ease of use, the great HUD, and the wonderful animations on the user side.

On the creator side, I'm thrilled that it is such an easy head to make stuff for! And, it is Omega enabled, so that is a huge plus, so that you have  wide choice of appliers available to you.

However, it is still nice to be able to use appliers specifically for that head, so I went ahead and released these first. If you do not own the Vista heads, please do yourself a favor, and go try a demo! They are less expensive (by a lot) than most other popular mesh heads and have pretty much all the features that more expensive heads have. Don't get me wrong, I really do like my LOGO, Catwa, LAQ, and Lelutka, and Utilizator heads.. they all have something unique to offer and can be fun to use for different looks.  I like to show the diversity though, and to let others know when there is a product that I believe is top-notch.

(you can find the Vista heads here on Marketplace, 
or in their SL in -world Store as well.. in the store you can also
find the skin makers that have created 
lovely stuff for that head! Go see!)

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