Monday, October 15, 2018

the Normies..

 I decided another shape made for the Utilizator Normie Bento Head was in order.. this one is Lala, and she is curvy and sweet. I can't say enough about this head, given the extremely low price and the fact that it is Omega friendly makes it a great option for those new to Bento heads and who want to get something that is different than the more mainstream heads.

All bento heads have some limits and have unique looks, even if you can edit them, they do retain their basic characteristics. I would say that the Normie head is more "youthful" than other heads. The skins you use on the head will also give it a different look. Because the head is Omega enabled, you can use Omega eyes, makeup and skins.

If you own this head and don't know which skins would work with it, I highly reccommend trying 7 Deadly Skins, which are made with Omega appliers (typically based on Laq's Bento heads) and offer a nice variety of skin tones and looks. Also, Wow Skins work particularly well with this head, so look out for Wow skins Omega options as well.

You can find my new shape out now on my Marketplace <3

skin - 7 Deadly Skins - Lemon, Omega skin in Peach tone

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